Our Consultants’ Successes stem from their ability to accurately grasp and diagnose the client’s business model, culture and industry challenges. To ensure an accurate blueprint, we will identify a clear candidate profile with non-negotiable DNA and competencies. It is often this ‘commercial’ perspective that allows us to consistently present top quality to our clients. Success hinges on ensuring razor sharp fit. 

  • Boards & C Suites
  • Digital & Technology
  • Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Procurement & Supply Chain

Our Robust Search Process

Market Reality Check

  • Competition & Compensation

Business Model, Culture & Direction

  • Right candidate blueprint
  • Talent Map Calibration

Unique Selling Points

  • Compelling reasons to join
  • Ambassador for Client

Job Description

  • First Year KPIs, Accountabilities, Requirements

Candidate Assessment & Process

  • Fit for Role Assessment
  • Post Placement Follow Up

Candidate Management   

  • Career Counselling & Guidance
  • Resume Enhancement
  • Competence & Potential Assessment
  • Interview Prep (Life Coaching)
  • Compensation Negotiation