April Fool

April Month – Exquisitz Asia team shows up clown colourful and share April Fool ‘Jokes’. Whoa… we had such a hilarious time. Charles Ng was pranked to go back office to sign ‘important documents’ on 1 April so that his team could celebrate farewell with him. Hannah Hong and her school mates pranked their teacher by swapping entire subject class and it went totally undetected for entire 45 minutes lesson and till today.

We laughed till tears drop. Laughter is indeed a man’s best medicine.

April month continues to sustain in hyped activity in Executive Search for challenging niche roles. Demonstrates that clients will always need top talent and top talent is always rare, latent and needs to be hunted.

As we enter into our half year mark into Consulting Support to companies leveraging on government grants, we see steady rise in requests from Small Medium companies. Strong need to put in place HR infrastructure to support sustainable business growth.

In memory of 1 April, let’s remember :

‘Laughing is and always be the best form of therapy.’


13 Apr 2021

Covid Plus

Mr Covid has caused major disruption 360 degree from countless deaths, business closures to job losses. Exquisitz team decides to don white to celebrate Covid Plus – let’s not forget the benefits too – work from home, closer family ties, healthier lifestyle, zoom/online productivity to global collaboration breakthrough. Carrie again won high votes for her sharing on how she turns overnight to be an e-commerce expert, leveraging on collective buying and bulk offers. Thanks to Mr Covid.

March is another super busy month for Exquisitz Asia. On top of continuous stream of searches, we won another HR consulting project. Thanks to our clients who never fail to choose us to be their preferred business partner.

16 Mar 2021

Colour of Love

We celebrated Valentine Day via zoom awesomely. We came in varied colours to tie to a true love story. Carrie Tse touched us with her love story with ‘potato’ – her belonged dog who has given her much joy, love and companionship. Precious and priceless.

February was indeed a busy month for Exquisitz Asia with multiple searches in Singapore, Hong Kong and China plus consulting projects. Blessed and grateful.

16 Feb 2021

Tok Tok Chiang! Welcome 2021 the Chinese way


When the town turns Red blasting Tok Tok Chiang, the Chinese melody, it is time to usher in another year.


The Exquisitz team turns up in Ang Pow red to welcome 2021. To celebrate 2021, we shared our most memorable CNY. Adam stole the limelight with him having to miss BKK CNY hols and rushing to USA and UK to conduct training. These were the days we could travel at will.


Exquisitz ends 2020 with a big bang:

  • Huge surge in searches
  • Breakthrough into medical sector
  • Break into Brunei, UAE, HK and China
  • Pioneering into consulting
  • New IT and e-commerce partners
  • Global search partners hit 52


As we welcome 2021, we are indeed grateful that 2020 has been revolutionary and globally synergistic. Yet old ties remain super strong with existing customers and constant flow of new client referrals. Opportunity to have deep chats with many awesome professionals who have lost their jobs or at threat.


‘Human tenacity has no limits’. All businesses will only get stronger in different shapes and sizes.


19 Jan 2021

“Covid 19 has thrown out all Business Science and ART has come in full play.”

For Dec, we dump our usual zoom meet. We also dump business talk. We met at a quaint art studio and just had fun painting. Led by Sheryl, our motivational art coach for the day. We slough hard for 3 solid hours to create a masterpiece from a blank canvas. It seems impossible especially for first timers. Amazingly everyone did well. Spurred on with encouragement individually & collectively, we converted serious fun into fine masterpieces. Best team bonding. Perfect closure to an imperfect 2020.

“In ART, you can never fail. Mistakes are good. Imperfection is ART”

Wishing ALL a magnificent 2021! May you be ART ready at all times !


22 Dec 2020

Yak Yakky Dee Duck


For our November meet, the Exquisitz Team came full force in bright yellow in line with our fun theme Yak Yakky Dee Duck.


Aileen, our fun mistress quizzed us “Do you know how many words we speak in a day?” Most of us were clueless. Cheng amazed us for having the closest answer (16,000 words). Thomas was most animated and participative. Both got rewarded with a free Soundwave assessment each with personal diagnosis.


November is a great month. Our HR consulting project for a social enterprise has been approved. We also closed 3 challenging searches for exclusive roles for exclusive roles from clients who trusted us. Certainly search has spiked up notably from the food manufacturing industry.


Grateful that we have 3 Awesomeness; awesome consultants, awesome clients and awesome candidates.


Hurray to “Giving value without limit!”


24 Nov 2020

Decked in orange, yellow & brown, we joined in the autumn fun to discover halloween personality – fear of zombies, vampires, ghosts & trolls … ummm… what is the difference? Well, at least we have a SCARY zoom portrait unlike the usual pretty face shot.


As usual, we have a heavy agenda. Glad to have opportunity to work with E2i on a special ‘Project. Coach. Place’ programme for the Covid unemployed PMETS.


We must admit Covid is painfully brutal for many globally. Full year of extreme draught in revenue for most businesses. Yet in terms of creative opportunities and alliances – we are rich in these.


Truly, this is the season to :

  • stay alert, watchful, nimble
  • ‘farm’ talents & clients – care & give
  • build partnerships & global network
  • hone strategic consulting strength
  • create strong value differentiation
  • evolve a NEW masterplan


‘In diversity, we create opportunities’. Never say never. Never give up.

Oct 2020

FruitVeggie Power

Came dressed in the colour of our favourite fruit/veggie, we were ready to share a tear jerky story. That’s our August 2020 fun theme. Team was fully colour-coordinated complete with our favourite fruits on hand.

We did struggle with a grey shirted Cheng Huang trying to convince us that a ripe kiwi is grey and how his bionic arm story was linked to kiwi. Rita won our hearts with her tearful doting dad cum avocado story.

It was a heartwarming kick-off before our usual serious Exquisitz Asia meeting for August:

  • We were pleased to have Wai Kong, our business collaborator to share on ‘Digital Power’.
  • We launched I.Excite with respect as our core values; Innovation. Excellence. Commitment. Integrity. Teamwork. Respect.
  • Focus North Asia is the way to go. A key market not to be ignored.

“The day you plant the seed is the day you eat the fruit.”

Let’s think and dream BIG. Start planting your seeds today. It will eventually led to fruition some day somehow. Covid or no Covid.

Aug 2020

Rainbow Pictionary

Come dressed colourful! Be ready to soak into ‘guesswok’ from 2 artists.

This is the instruction for our July Fun Theme at Exquisitz Asia. We dug our wardrobes and put on our glorious colours. Lydia stole the limelight with a shiny super big ribbon scarf bigger than her face. Jason ‘tortured’ the two artists; Sheryl and Erica to draw words like ‘expire’ and ‘infectious’ in picture form making it extremely challenging for us to guess.

Hilarious great July fun – a kick off prior to our serious Meeting. Despite the pandemic disruption, Exquisitz Asia is blessed to have customers using us exclusively and we achieved three mile stones this month:

  • Part of IPTER International Power Team of Executive Recruiters instantly connecting us to 40+ countries globally
  • Hot in pursuit of a mega Consulting project covering Digital Transformation (e-commerce and ERP) and People Transformation (Talent Acquisition and Development)
  • Embarking on our journey Paradigm Big Five Profiling Tool

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of branch breaking because her trust is not on the branch but on her wings. Always believe in yourself.

Let’s stay strong because this pandemic storm will pass and rainbow will emerge eventually.

July 2020

23 Jun 2020

Red Rose for Dads

For June fun theme, Lydia led us to wear red to remember dads and to celebrate father’s day.

It is no surprise that our dad experiences are diverse – from kind gentleman type to hardworking, or ego centric my way-no-other way type. Every dad tried their best to be a good dad displaying the 5 languages of love differently. Often influenced by differing generation, family and cultural backgrounds. So well analysed by Sheryl.

Carol won the top Dad’s story because of a transformational twist. She was never close to her dad because of her step-mum. Relationship was distanced, conflictual and love was purely acts of service. Two years prior to dad’s passing on, after step-mum had passed away, their relationship warmed to be fun, caring, nurturing and enjoyable. Carol felt so happy and blessed that she could celebrate her dad’s end life with only positive memories.

After these moving sharings, we turned to serious business discussion for the rest of Exquisitz meeting. We realised that Covid 19 had massively disrupted businesses with job losses and wage cuts. It looks dark and uncertain. Yet, like her dad’s transformation twist story, we remain confident that human ingenuity will eventually overcome all odds and a stronger, better business landscape will emerge eventually.

Jun 2020

Pivot Gracefully into Consulting


Decked in green, Exquisitz team zoomed into our second Post-Covid virtual meeting busy as ever. Grateful to clients whom we are now exploring consulting in Integrated ERP Finance/HR, Brand Business Strategy, Retail Omni channel, Transformation and Talent Roadmap. With God’s grace, we have pivoted. EA team truly rocks !


True to our tradition, no meeting begins without a fun theme. At this meeting Exquisitz team unexpectedly spent the first 30 mins in peaceful meditation led by Agata from HappyNow. It was so relaxing that some almost doze off. Very often, we forgot to self-care, to be emotionally full and happy. All battles outside selves will ultimately be resolved one way or another. If we do not take care of selves, nothing moves in the right direction. Thank you very much Agata.

May 2020

PINK Immunity Day

Decked in Pink💖we kicked off our first Zoom Monthly Meet on 21 Apr 2020 sharing one new habit we adopted to boost our immunity against COVID 19. Half of us are more rigorous in keeping fit – 4.30am walk, 3 mile home walk, Salsa dancing, Family TV exercise, 2 walks a day. Half of us work on eating healthy, reading, painting, cooking & being happy. Heartening to know that everyone is thriving well as we brace ourselves to stay home till 1 June. Healthy Body, Happy Mind. All set to support our clients on consulting beyond executive search. Exquisitz Asia 2020 Strategy, here we go !


* 3C – Focus to FARM -Candidates, Clients, Collaborations

* 3O – Season to RETOOL- Offer Support, Offload Consulting & Online Go Full

* 3E – Pushing SELF – Enrich Mind, Extend connections, Expand network

April 2020

Opportunities In ADVERSITY

24 Mar 2020 marks the launch of Exquisitz Asia (EA) Consulting Service – new portfolio on top of Executive Search.

We broke new milestone. 13 consultants plus invited friends of EA (practicing valued partners). On 3Ps – Promise, Proposition, Process, discussions were fast and furious, injected with case study, role play, strategies etc. How can EA support our clients in the midst & aftermath of COVID 19?

“In adversity, we create opportunities”. 2020 is a memorable year for all businesses globally. It is in such times that companies need even more help in turnaround. I realise our Consulting launch can’t be more timely. Exquisitz Asia exists for our clients to tap on our rich resource of seasoned practitioners who have ridden past multiple disruptive cycles.

We can make a significant impact by partnering our clients to design holistic and measurable solutions in Manpower Optimisation, Leadership/Talent Agility, FutureReady HR and Shared Values Engagement.

Excellence is our obsession. While all consultants did well, 3 consultants stole the limelight and walked away with :

Steve Jobs Award – Rita (Entrepreneur)

Mad Hatter Award – Sheryl (Joker)

BNI Champ Award – Erica (Networker)


Mar 2020

It is always awesome to see what the next consultant has come up for each month’s fun theme. Unsurprisingly, this month is Lunar New Year theme. Decked in our new  year outfits, we were least expected to be tested on our short term memory by Jason. Two pairs of 12 zodiac animal pictures in black and red making a total of 24 animal cards. All cards placed down and we go round opening one card at a time to match similar zodiac animal. Avelyn shone through with her elephant memory to win the big prize. We have our signature story telling segment, getting more inspiring each time. Eric beats us all. A memorable team as always ! Keep it up !

Jan 2020

At Exquisitz Asia, we have an incredibly bonded & fun team🌲It was not like that one year ago. Not easy to get team to dress up🌲 and have fun. Now, no serious meeting commences before serious fun🌲 This month is “Christmas Cheer” with Christmassy outfit🌲Best dressed goes to Erica who unashamedly wore a baby bib “My first Christmas” with 🌲Christmas trees eyeglasses. Our serious game master Cheng managed to get all ladies to do a dance. Boy! 🌲We sway, swing, sashay to the tune vigorously. Unfortunately can’t release our dance Videos🌲RA censored. What a great way to end 2019! Thanks to 3 Cs 🌲our beloved Clients, Candidates & Consultants who have supported us. Looking forward to 2020🌲

Dec 2019

Purple🔮 Day


“ We do not need an occasion

to create an occasion”


Who on earth will think of having a purple🔮day ? Well at Exquisitz Asia, we are getting more and more exotic in our monthly meets🔮We do not need an occasion to create an occasion. Most of us struggled to find purple🔮in our wardrobe and to have a touching purple story. Well…we managed to look like a🔮Barney gang … thanks to Erica, our fun theme designer. Guess who got the purple storyteller🔮award?

November 2019

“In play, children learn to explore, create, improvise and imagine” At Exquisitz Asia, we are serious about play. No meeting commences before play. Today we had a fun time playing charades guessing child’s play in the olden days before digital invades the world. Who remembers? Pick the Sticks? Zero Point? Paper Doll? Catch Spider? Scissors Paper Stone? Certainly made us happily nostalgic as evidenced by our jolly photo pose as👼angels👼

October 2019

Fancy telling a story centred around Mid Autumn🏮love, present and memorable. Individually our team at Exquisitz Asia tell their emotional🏮story in style, comes complete with props🏮photos, snacks, necklace, lantern…. Sheryl Tan🏮stole the limelight with her Cantonese song book and even🏮 sang. So the big prize goes to her of course. Everyone rocks at Exquisitz Asia!

September 2019

Steve Gouves dies a billionaire ($7 billion) at the age of 56 shares this: “My🌿life is the essence of success, but aside from work, I have a little joy…all my wealth is meaningless”

Our team at Exquisitz sets aside time to have🌿fun every month. This month theme is “Let’s get🌿herby”. Decked in all shades of herb colours, we did a guessing game on herbs – what herbs are great for eyes, brain, heart❤️lungs…

Do you know that durian leaves are also herbs? So says our beloved director L. We expected him to show up in a🌳durian outfit. He did not la…much to our disappointment

August 2019

All of us have beloved items, some come with touching stories of yesteryears. Well, today our team at Exquisitz Asia had great fun celebrating our beloved  CAPS 🧢🧢and TRACK SHOES👟👟. Sharing why they are special.

Unique brands like 361, Urban Outfitters, Armour & Skechers took some limelight from the usual favourites such as Nike, Adidas and New Balance. 🧢🧢👟👟are our constant companions when we go our walks & they are best remembered if given by loved ones or bought at a great sale! What a fun way to get to know each other 🧢🧢👟👟 #exquisitzasia #Monthlymeet #teambonding #creatingmemories

July 2019

Unbelievably we have Citrus🍋🍊Day today ! Decked in shades of bright yellow & orange, each of us brought a citrus🍋🍊fruit in exchange. Put on our thinking caps, we came up with amazing benefits of citrus🍋🍊fruits within a short time. Thanks to Sheryl who is the mastermind including personally hand painted the citrus🍋🍊canvases & bag prizes! #memories #ExquisitzAsia #creativity # limitless

June 2019

🏆30 May 2019 marks another new milestone for Exquisitz Asia. Our family of search professionals has increased from 9 to 15 strong. We held our 2nd Directors’ Meet yesterday – a wonderful time of learning, sharing and co-creating our success of 2 generations – the Pioneer and Merdeka teams. Missing 2 members in our “Retro” photo shoot – one in HK and the other in Beijing.

🎁 Sincere thanks to all our clients who entrusted us to be their business partners in sustainable talent and leadership. Our expanded dream team is again fully energised to serve our growing clientele across diversified industries. #exquisitzasia  #milestone #dreamteam #leadership #growing

May 2019

Decked in green🐸, our team at Exquisitz Asia had a good sharing on how to be ‘greener’ in our daily habits in support of Mother Earth🌏 Supporting zero wastage, using recycled bags, recycling coffee/tea as fertiliser, rice water to water plants, clothes, etc. Certainly we can do more. Special award goes to Sheryl who instituted 3 rubbish bins🛢🛢🛢at home, for plastic, paper & food waste.

P.S. Biting into our pears🍐 in symbolic support to “be more green” in our daily habits💪

April 2019

“A person’s greatest emotional need is to feel❤️appreciated”. It is never too early to show appreciation. “If you see something beautiful in someone, just speak it” Ruthie Lindsey

The team at Exquisitz🌏Asia is a wonderful dream team just barely 6 months old ! Today is a special day. We became secret angels😇 & wrote “compliments” to each other on painted🎨cupcake🧁bookmarks!

P.S. Gleefully holding our cupcakes from our secret angels😇

March 2019

Individually, we are a drop💧but together we are an ocean. So true for the team at Exquisitz Asia. We came together in Oct 18 and today, entered into 4th month with great progress. We achieve because we uplift each other through caring, giving and trusting. So proud of this DREAM💎team !
P.S.Each has a painted🎨pebble to mark a personal milestone !

February 2019

Abundant blessings🍊🍊and Best wishes🧧🧧, Avelyn🌸Carol

To our Valued Clients, Candidates and All on Linkedin

🌸🌸Here’s wishing you and your families a very very Joyful, Healthy, Successful and Fulfilling 2019 !

Warmest Best🧧 Wishes
All of us @ Exquisitz Asia🌏
Https: Www.exquisitz.asia
Jan 2019

19 Oct 2018 marks the birth of Exquisitz Asia’s team. Helmed by 9 professionals, we held our first inaugural Directors’ Meet at The Capri by Frasers. We had a wonderful time learning, sharing and co-creating our first year’s journey together. Exquisitz Asia is blessed by this godsend team. The company was targetted to be ready only on 1 Nov 2018. By God’s grace, we were able to hold our Directors’ Meet 2 weeks in advance.The team is now fully energised to serve our clients in sustainable talent and leadership.

The magnificent 9 (Charles Tee, Erica Chui, Sheryl Tan, Yen Fong-Cheong, Judith Tang, Eeboon-Khoo, Carol Yong, Avelyn Tan, Cheng Huang-Lim) 

Our celebration cake for Exquisitz Asia!


Making our first year’s wish for Exquisitz Asia. May God bless us !